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What’s the difference between veg biryani and pulao in the present time?

Foodies world!

The foodie world is one of the most delightful experiences in everything. With Indian food it does give the customers the pleasure to have the most fascinating meal. The Indian Food in Camden has got greater attention among everyone because of how captivating the taste is. There’s a huge concern about the biryani and pulao. Most importantly get confused between the same and think that these are actually the same. But, that’s not the case. The blog will talk you through the difference between pulao and biryani.

How are biryani and pulao different?

When customers visit the Fine dining Indian Restaurant in Sydney they often look for the veg biryani and pulao. So, to better understand the difference between the 2 check the further details:

  • Check the cooking technique

One of the most important parts is the difference between the cooking techniques. The method of combining rice and other ingredients are different in both the options. With biryani there’s enough water so that the rice grains get cooked properly. And this is the way that gives the biryani a traditional touch to the same. The rice grains are added to the boiling salty water and that lets the rice be somewhat dry. Whereas with pulao the rice and meat are cooked together from start to end to let the deliciousness flow into the meal properly.

  • Total layers of rice

If you talk about biryani and pulao then there are different layers to let the flavors get infused into the rice properly. With biryani there’s proper layering and then addition of vegetable & meat to make all the flavors come in together properly. On the top there’s fried onion and garnish it with ghee & coriander leaves so that all the flavors stand out with perfection.

  • Right amount of heat

With rice cooking it’s important to have the right amount of heat so that every single strand of rice gets cooked perfectly. The method of slow cooking by keeping the rice on medium to high flame lets all the flavors be infused into the meal properly.

  • Right amount of spices

It’s important to have the right amount of spices be it biryani or pulao to let all the flavors stand out. The biryani has that exceptional essence to it because of its preparation method and other important parts. Being such an exceptional choice since old age there are around 25 spices added to biryani to make the taste stand out.

Final word: Veg biryani is present

Well, who said you should only talk about the chicken biryani when you have got the choice of veg biryani. It does let your taste buds get excited every bite. Moreover, being an exceptional choice with in-house combined options of herbs and cooking style lets it all the love.

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