Indian food

Have you tried Indian Food before?

If not, you might be pretty intimidated by all the unfamiliarity it might bring along.

Many people find it hard and challenging to comprehend the menu list while in the Indian Restaurant in Camden. And to be honest, it can be pretty confusing for sure.

But how do you make sure what you are getting into without embarrassing yourself further?

Well, do not worry anymore; we have got you covered.

With the help of this blog, we will prepare you by giving the correct information on the common terminology you see while ordering the best Indian food in NSW.

Basic Indian Culinary Terminology That You Should Know About

These are some basic Indian food terminologies you should learn about. This will help make your trip to the restaurant a little more comfortable and easy with less uncertainty.

This will also help you try out delicious Indian food without any hesitation. And who does not want that? 

  • Bhuna

Let us start with a term that people do not quite use globally. Hence you might be a little clueless about it.

Bhuna is basically a Hindi term that people use to describe the technique of dry-frying any food item. It is a quick cooking method in which the chef uses spices along with some onion, tomatoes, ginger, and garlic and saute them well before adding some meat. The chef cooks the spices in the same way as the curry. Hence you will see this preparation technique in the meal quite often in the menu list of Indian Restaurants. 

  • Bhaji

The word bhaji means the preparation of vegetable items. The chef fries the vegetable dish in a pan with some spices to make it tasty yet supper light. You can pair up this meal with some chapati, roti, or even naan if you want to go a little fancy. Vegetable options such as mushrooms, beetroot, and many others are common choices. 

  • Biryani

You might have read about this item on an Indian restaurant menu, but you always chicken out from trying it. But no anymore. It is one of the most iconic style preparations for rice. Biryani is a layered rice dish with some meat curry. Add some aromatic spices, and you will enjoy this meal like never before. A perfect delicacy that is fulfilling for the stomach and the soul. Add some cooling and refreshing raita (yogurt) with it to balance the spices and its flavors. 

  • Kadhai

Kadhai is a term that people use to describe a type of Indian dish. It is basically a spicy curry that has a traditional and authentic taste and touches to it. Hence, you will not be able to replicate it to the T. Authentically, you are to cook Kadai Dishes in a Desi Wok, but with modernization, people are drastically shifting to new techniques and pots for convenience. However, if you want to taste the real and true taste of kadhai preparation, visit us.

Final Comments

Fall in love with Indian Cuisine and order your favorite Indian meal from Chola Indian Restaurant.