Indian food

Have you ever had Indian food before? 

If not, this is your cue to order some delicious food from the best Indian Restaurant in Camden.

There are many iconic dishes that you can order from us. But one that has gained a lot of popularity is chicken tikka masala.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the history and popularity of chicken tikka masala- the best Indian food in NSW. 

Indian Food- The Hub Of Culture And Heritage

People associate Indian cuisine with grand heritage and culture. The diversity of the country makes it worth a place to explore. You will learn about the heritage of Indian culture from the recipes of traditionally cooked meals. 

Chicken Tikka Masala: A Popular Dish

People globally have loved the flavor and the recipes of chicken tikka masala. Hence the ever-growing popularity. Chicken tikka is a rich and succulent dish packed with so many flavors and spices that it is impossible not to love it. 

Chicken Tikka Masala: And Its Origin

However, the British government has considered chicken tikka masala as the national dish of Britain. According to the Foreign Secretary Of England Robin Cook, it is indeed a true national dish. But is it really?

Because there are many theories that state that a Pakistani restaurant established in Glasgow- Shish Mahal created this lip-smacking dish.

It actually happened when a hungry driver came and ordered something but found it to be too dry. Later he suggested the chef change the recipe a little and make it a gravy dish. The chef acted on the suggestion and improvised the dish. 

Chicken tikka Masala And Its Remarkable Taste

It is not very easy to describe the taste of chicken tikka masala precisely, especially to someone who has never tasted it before. But to give the gist, it is flavorful, spicy, and warm. The chef prepares it in tomato and yogurt-based sauce with tons of aromatic spices to give it a fantastic taste. There is no fight that Indian exotic spices and herbs make any blend dish taste so much better.

With chicken tikka masala, you will be able to smell the dish from different rooms. So do not wait anymore and pamper your taste buds with this outstanding dish from Indian cuisine.

With time and requirements, we have seen a lot of evolution of chicken tikka masala since its invention. But each version tasted extraordinary. 

Some Other Indian Food That You Must Try

Apart from chicken tikka masala, we have also got other Indian dishes that are extremely popular and delicious, including:

  1. Butter chicken
  2. Chana masala
  3. Navratan korma
  4. Palak Paneer
  5. Chicken korma
  6. Kadai chicken
  7. Beef masala
  8. Beef vindaloo
  9. Lamb rogan josh
  10. Garlic lamb 

Final Comments

Order your favorite Indian dish straight from The Chola Indian Restaurant and enjoy your meal.