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Biryani: You cannot go wrong with it!

Where are my biryani lovers at? If you have been in search of the best Indian food in NSW to have that exceptional taste of flavors, then Chola Indian Restaurant brings you the same experience. One of the most loved meals is Indian Biryani, which just makes you boggle your mind.

Taste the lip-smacking and healthy Biryani

Indian food in Camden has started to gain a lot of attention among individuals. If you like chicken, you can have it in the form of chicken biryani to get closer to the taste of Indian spices.

Origin of Biryani

The dish has got a lot of popularity in South Asia, and it’s made with the mix of meat, rice, and spices that got its existence from Persia. One thing is evident every biryani dish is worth the taste and bite to get yourself involved more with Indian food.

Do you know?

Biryani is an Urdu word, and it’s derived from Biryani that’s a Persian word it means ‘FRY.’

Biryani cannot be missed

The love for Biryani can be clearly understood from the fact it’s an essential part of the Indian restaurant food menu.